New York Karaoke Rental is a business the sister company of Hot Traxx DJ, U-rent Karaoke, and Sight & Sound Electronics founded in 1981.  Our Business is Audio and Lighting Engineering, sound re-enforcements and design. We have been doing karaoke since 1984, with our DJ services Hot Traxx DJ & Karaoke, Rhode Island Disc jockey-DJ Service, Massachusetts Disc jockey-DJ Service and Connecticut Disc Jockey Service.

We have performed and serviced most of the DJ and Karaoke Venues from the New York border to the New Hampshire border, for over 25 years.  Our steady customers from southern Connecticut quite often asked us about entering New York City.  Many of our customers work in Manhattan and have businesses in the five Boroughs of NYC. After viewing the Karaoke rental services in New York City, we have found a need for a service such as New York Karaoke Rental.  The founders of our karaoke rental businesses have found this venture to be most promising.

We are also offering Asian Karaoke in New York (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx). Our service first started Asi a Karaoke in Boston with the Asian Council of Boston. Now we support the Asian businesses and the Asian communities throughout New England with Karaoke Machine, Karaoke Song, and DJ Equipment rentals. Our Karaoke music is ordered directly from China and Japan, to keep up with the new releases. If you have any questions please call our staff at 1 (646) 657-1630. We leave no question unanswered. We are open from 9:00 AM until 2:00 AM.

Thank you for your time.

Eric Starr

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