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Sweet Sixteen & Quinceanera (who is fifteen)

Both birthdays are celebrated differently from any other birthday, as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. The celebration, however, varies significantly across countries, with celebrations in some countries taking on, for example, more religious overtones than in others. The way a Virtual Disc Jockey operates allows the birthday girl to plan out her event with her parents in mind. Every Sweet 16 & Quinceanera package comes with 258,000 Top 40 song and everything in between. Every Sweet 16 & Quinceanera DJ System is updated bi-weekly including all variations of Spanish music.

Virtual Wedding DJ Systems now Available in Albany NY:

Everyone deserves a stress-free fun wedding and reception. You can count on Wedding Virtual Disc Jockey Service to make that a reality.  We will help you plan from beginning to end, with our specialized wedding and party planners.  You set the playlist of music that you want to hear, in your choice order.   

Music keeps a positive attitude and adds lots of energy to the event.  A great sound system and plenty of selections are a big part of what we do for you. We have locations all over New England and in Albany New York. There is never a travel charge.  We set up one hour or earlier, prior to the start of your event. We have wireless microphones at no additional charge, dance floor lighting for a small fee, and wireless speakers for a small fee.

The Virtual Disc Jockey System comes with the following:
Free 350,000 up to date karaoke songs
2,000 Watts of power with a flat screen monitor.
Free LED Light Show
Free Laser Show
Free Delivery and Set-up
Free Pick-up and Pick-up
Full 12 Hour Rental  
Asian Karaoke has  (12,200 Chinese Karaoke songs +5000 Japanese Karaoke Songs + 6000 Korean Karaoke songs) for a small fee. 
Hindi Karaoke songs over 200 can be added for a small fee.
Up-lighting can be added for a small fee.
Upgrade your DJ systems power to 28,000 watts of earth pounding bass and sound for an additional fee

"Pure Energy Dance / Old School, and Hip Hop"

"We have the Music That Makes Your Heart Sing and Your Soul Dance!" Make your next Event Memorable, 80' party, 90's Party, top 40 (rock, country, Rap, Hip Hop, Disco, Sock hops, 60's Classic Rock, Oldies, Techno, and High Energy Dave.)

Our Disc Jockey Service and is 2nd to none New York Karaoke & DJ Systems Rental"...RJB 

International Selection can be added for a small fee:  

Asian Karaoke has  (12,200 Chinese Karaoke songs +5000 Japanese Karaoke songs + 6000 Korean Karaoke songs), 亚洲卡拉OK已根据要求(12,200中国的卡拉OK歌曲5000日本的卡拉OK歌曲+6000韩国卡拉OK歌曲),印地文,德文,和其他语言 Website: http://www.chinesekaraokerentals.comE-Mail: info@Chinesekaraokerentals.comInternational Selection can be added for a small fee:

Hindi, over 235 songs,